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Brow Lift
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Advantages of a Brow Lift

As we age it is unavoidable that the body begins to show signs of the years. These symptoms often appear most prominently in areas that are most exposed such as the face and specifically the forehead. Because of the intricate musculature that allows for the precise movements that allow us to express emotion the skin of the forehead is often one of the first places that patients notice a decrease in volume, and the effect of gravity, sun light, and exposure. Many patients here in Los Angeles express how excess skin and wrinkles in the forehead, not only make them look older than they feel, but cause their expression to look angry, sad, or bitter. Patients worried about frown lines, furrowed brows and wrinkles across the forehead often seek surgical options after trying numerous creams, diets, and vitamins to no avail.

The Brow Lift

The brow lift, sometimes also referred to as the forehead lift, is specifically designed to alter the appearance of the brow by removing excess skin and tightening the brow to permanently eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. In some patients the prominent lines of the forehead may be the result of muscles in addition to excess skin. If this is the case, muscles groups can be addressed individually and excess muscles can be trimmed to leave a smoother and more youthful forehead. While many patients who we encounter seeking a browlift from Pacific Palisades Plastic Surgery, it is not uncommon to encounter patients who are much younger. We can safely perform the brow lift in most healthy individuals and strive to bring all of our patients the best results possible.

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Advantages of the Brow Lift Over Dermal Fillers

While many believe that dermal fillers and the brow lift create the same effect, a browlift is the only permanent way to address the skin and muscles of the forehead. Dermal fillers work by simply adding excess volume to mask the symptoms, while a brow lift literally removes the problem assuring patients that the problem will not return. Dermal fillers are artificial and because they are a foreign element, they are eliminated by the body’s natural waste disposal system. This means that in order to maintain the results provided by dermal fillers, patients must return for treatments every several months and can expect further treatments for as long as they wish to maintain the effects on their forehead. You can always visit us here in Pacific Palisades Plastic Surgery.

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