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Body Contouring
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Trim The Fat

Individuals who have undergone a major weight loss are often faced with an excess of skin and tissues that results in the unsightly look of saggy skin. Although these individuals often adopt a healthy and reasonable diet and a solid exercise regimen, these efforts are often insufficient to tighten the skin leaving surgery as the only viable option.

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Body Contouring

Body contouring, also known as body sculpting, is a cosmetic surgery performed by the expert surgeons at Pacific Palisades Plastic Surgery that draws on a number of various techniques in order to provide patients with firmer, tighter and more voluminous skin all over the body, in the places that need assistance the most.

Liposuction and Tucks

Other options include traditional tucks and liposuction techniques, which are still preferred by many patients here in Los Angeles. Tucks are one of the oldest forms of cosmetic surgery and can be performed on a number of body parts, including the thighs, stomach, neck, and arms. Tucks involve removing excess skin and tissue while paying close attention to keeping scarring and any signs of surgery to a minimum. For patients with excess fat in problem areas, liposuction is one of the fastest and most permanent ways to address fatty tissue. Tucks and liposuction are often performed together producing fabulous results. Because excess skin often leads to irregular fatty deposits, liposuction with a tuck often provides the only means necessary to correct a patient’s condition.

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