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Face Plastic Surgery
in Pacific Palisades, CA

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Brow Lift

Advantages of the Brow Lift

As we age it is unavoidable that the body begins to show signs of the years. These symptoms often appear most prominently in areas that are most exposed such as the face and specifically the forehead. Because of the intricate musculature that allows for the precise movements that allow us to express emotion the skin of the forehead is often one of the first places that patients notice a decrease in volume, and the effect of gravity, sun light, and exposure. Many patients express how excess skin and wrinkles in the forehead, not only make them look older than they feel, but cause their expression to look angry, sad, or bitter. Patients worried about frown lines, furrowed brows and wrinkles across the forehead often seek surgical options after trying numerous creams, diets, and vitamins to no avail.

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Facelift Procedure

The facelift procedure has been around for years and has been performed on countless patients as a way to revitalize the appearance and reduce the most prominent symptoms of aging on the face. Also called a rhytidectomy, a facelift is a way of surgically tightening the face and neck areas. This procedure can make your skin appear smoother and years younger.

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Neck Lift

What is a Neck Lift

The necklift, also called a cervicoplasty, is a procedure designed to remove both excess skin and fat and tighten muscles that can lead to the appearance of a saggy or loose neck. Excess skin in the neck can lead to self-esteem issues in patients of any age. It is a common cause for feelings of self-consciousness and is common in middle aged and older patients, both male and female. Many patients feel it makes them appear older than they are, tired, and frumpy, or unfashionable.

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Eye Lift

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is called Blepharoplasty. Most people think they have two eyelids, but you actually have four. Uppers and lowers. The problems that develop with eyelids over the years are fatty herniations that look puffy and stretch the skin over time. This results in bags and laxity that are easily corrected with surgery to restore a rested, younger look.

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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty involves adjusting the bony and cartilaginous components beneath the skin that give the nose its shape. It’s sort of like a puzzle where you get to alter the pieces to fit them together better. The two sides of the nose are separated by a wall, called a septum. When it isn’t straight, the breathing passage (airway) may be reduced. The very best time to attend to this functional, medically necessary issue is in the same surgery, when cosmetic changes are being made. About half the noses we do are partially cosmetic and partially functional.

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What is Otoplasty?

Patients who feel that the ears protrude too extremely, are too large, or are otherwise distorted, may be interested in speaking with one of our doctors about an otoplasty. An otoplasty is a surgery designed specifically for the ears, which can address such problems. Otoplasty is also referred to colloquially as ear reshaping or ear-pinning. Because the ears are one of the first features of the body to reach their final physical size and position, it is not uncommon for young patients who face insecurity issues or emotional trauma at school to undergo otoplasty, which is a safe and effective procedure even in children as young as five or six. In fact, many surgeons and patients report that otoplasty performed at a young age may provide better results than when performed in older patients. Otoplasty can also be safely performed in adults and remains a very safe procedure in adult patients as well. Because it is milder than many other forms of cosmetic surgery, adult patients often choose to have otoplasty performed in conjunction with other facial cosmetic surgeries, and this can be done without drastically compromising safety or results.

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