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Thigh Lift 
in Pacific Palisades, CA

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Sideview of a woman laying on the floor and propping herself up with her elbows and legs held up

What is A Thigh Lift?

One of the most frequently cited problem areas for women is the area between the knees and the butt that many think of as almost a swear word; the thighs. For many women, the thighs are the first place they notice changes during weight gain and the most difficult area to address with even the most concerted exercise and diet efforts. It is not uncommon for skin of the thighs to become excessively loose, which results in the appearance of decreased muscle tone and aging. These effects can be caused by normal aging, genetics, and are commonly related to damage from sun exposure. It is no wonder that many women are choosing not to wear swimwear, shorts and even modest skirts for fear of exposing their thighs.

Sideview of a woman wearing a full pink bathing suit sitting with bare sculpted legs

Thigh Lift Procedure

The goal of a thigh lift at Pacific Palisades Plastic Surgery is to address this condition; excess and saggy skin of the thighs. By a combination of removing and tightening the remaining skin of the things, patients can achieve tighter and firmer legs that will give patients the freedom to wear revealing clothes once again, with more youthful and contoured thighs.

The Details

The medial thigh lift removes excess skin of the upper inner thigh and addresses laxity in the skin by making an incision that runs from the inner thigh near the groin towards the patients back along the crease of the buttock. From here, excess skin can be removed before the incisions are closed and, as is often the case, fat can be removed if liposuction techniques have been requested. This allows excess fat to be removed and provides an even more dramatic improvement in appearance. The thighs will appear much smoother and firm, even when liposuction techniques are not employed.


At Pacific Palisades Plastic Surgery the thigh lift is a major surgery due to a large amount of skin and tissue in the thighs, and the fact that the process must be repeated for each leg and balanced carefully. Surgery can last three to four hours and patients are required to stay overnight for observation. Trained nurses and a full medical staff will monitor patients closely to ensure safety during this period, after which patients will be allowed to be transported home by a responsible friend, loved one, or relative. Patients are encouraged to get plenty of rest but also to carefully ease back into physical movement as soon and as frequently as possible to increase blood flow and speed healing. All prescription antibiotics and painkillers will be prescribed by our doctors and should be acquired in advance to be ready for use immediately after surgery. While the length of recovery varies from patient to patient, most patients are able to return to work within 2 to 3 weeks and are capable of mild non-rigorous exercise, which encourages a faster healing period.

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