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Mommy Makeover 
in Pacific Palisades, CA

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Mommy Makeover Surgery

There is no joy greater than parenthood. However, there are some changes that come with being a mother that many of us would prefer to do without. Most of these involve our body’s reaction to sustaining the life of our little ones as they grow inside us for 9 months in preparation to face the world.

You may have noticed dramatic changes in your body during pregnancy and nursing that have altered the way you see yourself in the mirror and the way you feel about yourself.

The mommy makeover is a procedure done by the expert surgeons at Pacific Palisades Plastic Surgery designed to address the specific areas on a woman’s body that are affected during pregnancy, birth and nursing. The procedure includes special attention to the breasts through breast lift techniques, consideration to the stomach and abdominal wall through the use of liposuction and tummy tuck surgical techniques, and finally special care given to a woman’s most intimate parts, which often sustain the most intense stress during pregnancy. Vaginal reconstruction can address changes such as tissue that was torn or damaged during birthing.

All of the mommy makeover procedures we perform at Face center Los Angeles are custom tailored to each individual patient, and there is no need to worry about unnecessary procedures being undertaken. The physician will carefully outline the goals of the surgery with each patient to be sure that the areas that a woman is concerned with most will be those that receive the utmost attention.

The mommy makeover does more than improve how you feel and how you look, it can help patients regain the confidence in their looks and renew a patient’s desire and drive to look their best. We understand that women of all ages become mothers and the mommy makeover is safely performed in patients from 21-65. The mommy makeover is about more than your own sense of wellbeing. When you feel confident and happy, your child is sure to feel more comfortable as you relate a positive attitude and good vibes when taking care of them. Just because you are now a mother does not mean that you shouldn’t have privileges and feel good too.

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